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Surfing since “before I can remember”, Julian is the youngest member of a fanatical surfing family. His dad Mick, mum Nola and brothers Bart and Seb, all surf.

A prodigious junior talent, Julian took home national titles in both long and shortboard divisions before diving right into the shortboard scene in his mid teens.

Multiple pro junior titles and the 2006 ISA World Junior Title soon followed. In 2007 he attempted and landed a world first “Sushi Roll” a manoeuvre he named during a photo trip to Japan. In 2008 he became the youngest ever recipient of the Surfer Poll award for “Best Performance of the Year” for his part in Quiksilver's Young Guns III. In 2010 Julian released his own signature film titled “Scratching the Surface” that involved a one-year hiatus from competition.

During filming Julian busted foot and his break from surfing in events was extended. When he was finally cleared to surf midway through the 2010 he hit the World Qualifying Series hoping to secure a strong seeding for the following year. With an event win in Sri Lanka (his first event back) and a strong end-of-season showing in Hawaii – that included two finals and the Triple Crown Rookie Of The Year title – Julian collected enough points to join the 2011 ASP World Tour. To track Julian's World Tour campaign keep coming back to julianwilson.com

Julian is also an ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Julian's mother is a breast cancer survivor and he was inspired to ride a pink board by close family friend and international cricketer Matt Hayden that plays with a pink bat for the same cause.

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